The authors ofAid and Comfort”: Jane Fonda in North Vietnam welcome polite, intelligent comments about the case their book makes against Jane Fonda. All reader comments will be read and screened for these attributes and many of them will be posted as time and space allow.


  • Mike McGrath says:

    For your first comment, I’d like to say that the book is factual and accurate. It is an important historical accounting of the actions of Hanoi Jane and her activities in North Vietnam the summer of 1972, just a few months before our (the POWs) release in February-March 1973. I am honored to have been included in the process of Hank Holzer’s writing of the book.

    As the Past President, and current Historian, of NAM-POWs, Inc., a 501c (19) fraternal organization of the POWs of the Vietnam War, I need to point out an important historical fact concerning Jane Fonda. In 1999, an internet hoax was started that Jane Fonda betrayed seven POWs causing three deaths. Internet hoaxes die hard. This one still floats around the internet after 18 years. Both and this book, “Aid and Comfort,” put this hoax to rest. Jane’s real actions place her name in the garbage dumps of history. You can help by not propagating the hoax the next time it comes your way.

    Mike McGrath, POW in North Vietnam 1967-1973

  • Dan Decker says:

    It is important for us and our government to remember that there is no statute of limitations for treason. She could still be charged with treason if some United States Attorney had the spine to do so.

  • Richard J. Leonard, SMSgt, USAF (Retired) says:

    There is also the hoax about the POWs passing a note along to her that she turned over to the camp commander. Another untruth that has be debunked by the very POWs themselves. Although Hanoi Jane is a traitor in my book, her actions speak to that and there is no need to try to dishonor her further by spreading untruths about her. The POWs are honorable men and as much as they dislike her, they will not lie about something to make her look worse. She did a great job of that on her own.

  • I was asked once why I would never forgive Jane Fonda. I said that she is rich and famous and there were no consequences for her treasonous actions. For my part, all I can do is never forgive her. <

  • David Williamson says:

    As a combat Infantryman, I was long gone from Vietnam when that female did her acts against all of us. I remember actually weeping over the news of her actions. My Brothers on “THE WALL” will guard Heavens Gate to deny her admittance.Rich, Famous, Hollywood mindset. She needs to be held accountable.C 2/327th Infantry 101st Airborne. GOD Bless America.